Wednesday, June 06, 2012

At the end of January, just as I was finally reaching a point in the pregnancy where I felt fairly well and had some energy again, the children and I all caught a nasty respiratory infection. Toward the end of February, the children and I caught an exceptionally nasty stomach bug that was going around, which landed me in the E.R. after twelve hours of being unable to keep anything down. Three weeks after that, our fourth child was born, two weeks after that, my father-in-law died, and two weeks after that the midwife looked at my daughter and used the heart-wrenching term 'failure to thrive.' A week after that, we were in the E.R. again, this time for my daughter. It was an incredibly stressful time; the most stressful I can recall in my life. I never want to go through a time like that again. 

I'm very grateful though - my daughter is thriving now, right where she should be developmentally according to the last pediatrician visit. The stress has greatly diminished, due not only to my daughter's recovered health but to a visit my wonderful mother paid me, where she spent several days selflessly working around my house to help clean and organize what had become wretchedly messy during the months of a very tiring pregnancy. Thank heavens for a mother that loves me and for my step-dad for conceiving the idea and paying for the plane ticket. 

So, here I am, grateful but also tired and mentally exhausted on a fairly regular basis, which has made writing anything longer than a facebook status feel like a chore most days. I don't know if anyone is even bothering to visit my blog by now! Anyway, that's an update for those that might decide to swing by. Thankfully things are not very exciting at the moment.

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