Friday, February 24, 2012

Monday and Tuesday I felt great. I had -finally- recovered some energy after having been sick a month before, had plans to use said energy to get the house in better shape, and stocked the fridge with ingredients for a few nice meals... Wednesday afternoon I was in the ER on my own behalf for the first time ever in 30 years, after having spent 12 hours emptying myself of everything, even water. Well okay, it wasn't on my behalf - it was because I was worried about the baby. If I hadn't been pregnant, I would have just toughed things out.

It turned out the trip to the ER was largely unnecessary - apparently I had hit a turning point for the better right around the time I arrived at the ER, and started being able to hold down liquids again. I was dehydrated, but not severely so, and when they did an ultrasound they were able to determine that my condition had not affected the baby, whose fluid levels and activity levels were perfectly fine.

But, I'm right back where I've been for a very large chunk of this pregnancy - sick and weak and forced to spend a lot of time lying down while the house continues its steady slide into decay. So, I will just try to focus on how very grateful I am that both the baby and I are okay, and try to convince myself that I am not a bad person based on the state of my house.

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