Thursday, December 29, 2011

I predict that if Obama selects Hillary Clinton as his running mate, that he will actually win re-election (he may still anyway).

For some reason, people seem to love her and to think she would do a good job, and if they can't get her as president I am sure they would vote her into a vice-president position in the hopes that she would then run for president the following term.

I honestly cannot fathom this. I was a young girl when the Clintons appeared on the national scene, and I found her repellent. She had such a cold, reptilian expression in her eyes. She is the first person I can recall seeing photos / video footage of and, without knowing anything about her, getting the sense that here was a person with a great capacity for evil. I'll be the first to admit that, writing it out like this, it sounds more than a little crazy, but the intervening two decades and expanded knowledge of the woman have done nothing to change that opinion - only cemented it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens is dead. I only knew of him because his atheist writings were discussed on a few of the blogs I frequent. I do not understand why some people that claim to be Christians seem to take pleasure in this event, or why they would self-righteously speak of his place of torment in Hell - as if he had done them a personal wrong and they were now avenged.

When the sheep and the goats are separated, I daresay there will be some surprises.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Pedophilia rampant in Hollywood

Absolutely not surprised by this. The altar of fame and fortune must have its sacrifices and its temple prostitutes.

And if human history has seen parents throw their children living into the flames of Moloch, it's also no surprise that they would remain silent and complicit while their children are devoured in an equally destructive fire.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I am sure there are some who would criticize the deputies and the movers; or who would claim it was just because of the woman's race. I, on the other hand, applaud them. It is nice to see law enforcement remember they're dealing with human beings and to have some compassion.

Movers, deputies refuse to evict 103-year-old woman