Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My husband had his final ear test and it did uncover the problem. (So, no more worry that it might be the beginning stages of a neurological disorder.) It turns out one of his ears is sending signals to his brain faster than the other ear, and his brain is reacting to those first signals before receiving the signals from the second ear, thus causing the vertigo, dizziness and balance issues he'd been experiencing on and off. The other good news is that it is treatable through therapy and doesn't require medication.

Thank you for your prayers, they are appreciated.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


After a few delays my husband finally made it in to see an ENT specialist. He has been informed that it is nothing mundane - no infection or anything like that. His hearing is fine. He will have to undergo a procedure that will let them inspect the condition of his inner ear. If that inspection doesn't turn up anything, they will be referring him to a neurological specialist.

I'm not going to give in to stress over this. Even if this ends up resulting in bad news, both he and I know that God will give us the strength to go through any trial ahead.

I'm hoping it'll turn out to be something the matter with his ear, though.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Not the impressive, earth-shattering variety, though.

So for some reason early this morning instead of letting me sleep my brain wanted to be awake and active and thinking about entirely unimportant matters. Thanks, brain. What were these unimportant matters? What it is, exactly, that draws me to people. What most often generates interest in another human being and makes me wish I were their friend?

Two things:

They need to be smart.
They need to be a smartass.

I'm married to someone that fits this description. A large chunk of my family fits this description (ALL of my siblings fit this description). Many of the friends I've had over the years fit this description. My favorite forum posters and bloggers generally fit this description. Heidi, Professor Hale, Res Ipsa, JQP, Vidad, etc. etc. are all very different people, with very different writing styles, but they all share the traits of being smart and a smartass. (Even if they don't tend to apply these labels to themselves!) Even Wes, whose writing somehow makes me think of an elderly Southern lawyer, fits this description! Now, I do have a few people whose company I enjoy, or whose blog I like to read, that I wouldn't really apply the description of smartass to, but they are definitely in the minority.