Saturday, December 25, 2010

I don't think knowing the date of the birth of our Messiah is really all that important. I'm as grateful today for my Father's mercies and bountiful gifts as I am on every other day of the year. It sure is nice to have an excuse to get together with family, though. I have siblings visiting Florida from Texas and Tennessee and it sure will be nice to see them later today. I hope y'all enjoy your celebrations and have a peaceful and joyful time with your family and loved ones!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'm in a very tetchy mood this morning. Quick to anger. I'm not really in a bad mood though - in fact, it was 29 degrees when I got up this morning and the frost in the yards looked beautiful. I was very grateful for working central heat and for a Florida winter that actually feels wintry.

The reason I'm tetchy is because I am really - ******* - tired of people that call themselves children of God worshiping America.

Our nation is not the bee's knees. Our nation is not the most moral nation on Earth. Our nation is not the Chosen One of God. Our nation is not the God-ordained judge, jury and executioner of any other given nation. Capitalism and democracy, no matter how wonderful someone thinks they are, are fallible systems designed by man not by God. Show me the damned moral imperative to spread a system designed by man to the rest of the world. Show me! Point me the passages in the Bible that back the belief that one nation has the duty to police the rest of the world, with aggressive war if necessary.


It would seem Desert Cat and I were thinking along the same lines but I liked the way he expressed it better. Go here if you're interested and make sure to read what he wrote in the comments as well. Good stuff.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


I really enjoy This place has a lot of fluffy, entertaining trivia AND some really truly fascinating articles on science, history, nature, etc. If history textbooks were half as fun as history articles, students would actually pay attention. (Admittedly, Cracked articles may contain inaccuracies but they'll expose you to stories you might never have heard elsewhere.)

Today I got a great deal of enjoyment reading these articles, all of which pertain to various manly exploits that took place during various wars. (As a warning to those bothered by such things, colorful vulgar language is frequently used.)

War stories

War stories II

War stories III

War stories IV

War stories V

War stories VI

Now, I'm not a big fan of war. It's going to be a good thing when warfare has ended and the swords are beaten into plowshares. Even so, these are epic stories and after reading them I just like you males more than ever. You add so much zest to life.