Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A man's perspective on Game.

I feel somewhat helpless to explain my position clearly. I take no issue with the unholy mess that is modern Western woman being laid bare and for White Knighting to be shown for the crap that it is. I take no issue with men waking up from the perverted, feminized version of manliness they have had poured down their throat by feminist indoctrination. I'm not even worried about Game leading to casual sex for Christian men.

My concern lies with the fact that given the choice between the example of Jesus or Roissy, Christian men are choosing Roissy. I've even now seen the claim made that the Bible does not tell men how to deal with women.

Pardon me? I seem to recall a whole host of passages telling men just what kind of woman to avoid and what kind of woman to seek. I even recall passages telling a husband how he ought to behave toward his wife - in a Christ-like manner, and the Bible even has the story of Christ's life as a reference for this command.

The woman that Roissy describes, and for which Game is deemed necessary in order to capture and keep her interest, to keep her subservient, is a woman that men should avoid.

She is a child in a woman's body. She has no maturity, no self-control, no training, no understanding. Game works on this kind of woman because she does not want to be responsible - she wants someone else to be responsible for her. She wants to be manipulated and lied to because that way she can say, when asked to give account of herself, that she was deceived. She can indulge in the worst instincts, the worst behavior, the worst desires and claim that she was helpless to resist the tide of her tumultuous emotions - carried on the tide of passion.

I find game demeaning to women because at its core, it makes the statement that women are nothing more - and can be nothing more - than their base nature and worst instincts, at least without the aid of a strong man to direct and/or suppress those instincts. But this is directly contrary to the Bible which states that men and women both can be redeemed from their fallen state by baptism in the blood of Jesus and that we as individuals are responsible for our own choices and our own behavior.

Game seems to be to relationships what Socialism is to the church - a counterfeit that can only succeed through coercion and manipulation to acquire cooperation.

(More later when my brain is less fuzzy.)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I wasn't sure anyone was still visiting, but AJW had this to say regarding Game:
At first I was unsure of Vox's touting of Game, but after some thought, I see it as no different than gun talk on his blog. It's a tool that can be used for good or bad. Inherently it has no moral value though it can be used for good as well as bad.
I realized my response is likely to contain enough material for another post, which is what I've done, rather than responding in the comments. That's the problem with Roissy - it might seem like he's simply revealing a set of tools, to be used for good or bad as the user so desires, but that is not the case. Think of it more as the occult, which is not something a Christian should dabble with. What Roissy says sometimes seems good, on the surface, but look deeper and it is poison. Take, for example, his 'rules of poon.'
#6 - Keep Her Guessing: True to their inscrutable natures, women ask questions they don’t really want direct answers to. Woe be the man who plays it straight — his fate is the suffering of the beta. Evade, tease, obfuscate. She thrives when she has to imagine what you’re thinking about her, and withers when she knows exactly how you feel. A woman may want financial and family security, but she does not want passion security. In the same manner, when she has displeased you, punish swiftly, but when she has done you right, reward slowly. Reward her good behavior intermittently and unpredictably and she will never tire of working hard to please you.
Now, take the last part of what he says and ask if this is compatible with Biblical principles. Is this how God behaves toward men? Is this how Christ behaves toward the church? Is this how God gets us to please him?

A marriage between a man and a woman is to be, ideally, a mirror that reflects the relationship between Christ and the church for the onlooking world.
#5 - Adhere to the Golden Ratio: Give your woman 2/3 of everything she gives you. For every three calls or texts, give her two back. Three declarations of love earn two in return. Three gifts; two nights out. Give her two displays of affection and stop until she has answered with three more. When she speaks, you reply with fewer words. When she emotes, you emote less. The idea behind the golden ratio is twofold — it establishes your greater value by making her chase you, and it demonstrates that you have the self-restraint to avoid getting swept up in her personal dramas. Refraining from reciprocating everything she does for you in equal measure instills in her the proper attitude of belief in your higher status. In her deepest loins it is what she truly wants.
Again, how does this square with a God that has such an excess of love for us that he sent his only Son, who gave his life on the cross for the redemption of sinful humanity, when we absolutely did not deserve his love and could never hope to equal, let alone exceed, the love he displayed for us? God does not adhere to the golden ratio and I thank Him for that!
I really enjoy Vox Popoli. It's a daily read for me. He frequently knocks 'em out of the park, so to speak - but there's one area I take issue with, and that is his frequent and approving mention of Game. (For those not in the know, google Roissy or PUA.) His most recent opinion column for WND was on the subject of the war on men. Now, I agree with him that the war exists and that men need to find a way to defend themselves. I disagree with Game being the right way for a man to defend himself. Any man. Christian or non-Christian. But especially Christian.

Here's the thing. If a man is focused on finding ways to get his wife (or women in general) to behave the way he wants her to behave; to be a good wife so he can feel like a real man instead of an emasculated one - he's focused on the wrong thing. If he's Christian, the main thing he is supposed to be focused on is his own relationship with God - his behavior, not his wife's behavior.

That's the main problem with Game - it keeps a man's focus in the wrong place. Sex. Women. Relationships. God said that it was not good for a man to be alone, but if you'll notice, in the great and lengthy history of the Bible, relationships between men and women were not predominate. There are a few romances of note, such as Jacob and Rachel or David and Bathsheba. But on the whole, the men of the Bible were busy living lives that did not revolve around their relationship with their wife or girlfriend or getting sex. They did not obsess about these things because they had plenty to do to keep them busy.

I've heard men defend Game for Christians by saying that a man just needs to ignore the crap and focus on the useful information. Pay attention to the stuff for LTR and ignore the PUA. Here's the problem with that... it means learning at the feet of men whose fruit shows, without a doubt, that they are not children of God. Game teaches men how to manipulate. How to get what they want from other people. How to coerce and use people. How to portray a facade. That is not something that comes from God. The person that uses tactics like that is Lucifer, the one that appears as a being of light but is in fact the father of lies. Sure, Roissy and his ilk have made excellent observations about the behavior and thought-processes (or lack thereof) of women. Obviously Lucifer had some insight there, himself. That does not mean Christian men should be emulating Roissy or turning him into a mentor to teach them how to lead better, less hen-pecked lives.

For non-Christian men, Game will not win the war on Men. It won't put a stop to feminism. It won't turn back the clock. It will simply teach men how to get along by manipulating relationships. But instead of being men, and doing manly things, they'll be focused on sex and relationships. The overall slump of civilization back into paganism will continue unabated - it will just involve more physical pleasure and less female annoyance for students of Game. It will still end in 'grass-hut matriarchy' as Vox puts it. It will still end in death.

I've also heard people say things to the effect of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sorry, that's wrong. I think it's pretty clear from Scripture that we're not to tolerate or traffic with evil. We can't walk alongside evil, study its ways and employ some of those ways ourselves and not be at serious risk of succumbing to evil ourselves. Flee temptation. Deliver us from evil. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul speaks of marriage. He speaks of the 'present distress' and recommends avoiding marriage in order to spare people trouble, and to allow them to remain focused on - devoted to - God, but that if they lack self-control to marry because that is better than burning with passion. It is made abundantly clear through his words that our relationship with God is what matters the most.

Game is selfish. Game is focused on personal gain. Game is most definitely not focused on God.

I say this only because I am distressed on behalf of my brothers. Don't make a bad situation worse by choosing to walk in the ways of the world. Tread the heights and go where God leads.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I would not have expected to be giving kudos to Elton John - but, kudos!

Elton John rocks Israel after other artists cancel

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's not exactly something I'm proud of, but I have to acknowledge I have a fashion habit - I frequent both E! Online's fashion police section and The Fashion Police website. While browsing through a gallery of women and their fancy feathers, the thought hit me - why are so many beautiful faces wasted on ugly people?

I really like seeing beautiful things. It's always hurt a little to look in the mirror and see a spotty complexion and crooked, yellow teeth. But here, I have the reverse - looking at the photo of a beautiful woman and having that beauty marred by knowledge of the vapid, whorish woman it belongs to.

I guess things could be worse. I'll have to remind myself of this the next time I feel like sighing at my reflection.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sometimes I want to throttle people because their self-righteous idiocy drives me insane.

Man faces abuse charges after dog grabs bunny

Cops: man killed kitten after it unplugged his video game

For crying out loud, these are not cases for the police! These are not cases that should be tying up the resources of our law enforcement and justice system and wasting tax-payers' money.

So, a guy was a jerk and had a dog kill a bunny in front of your little girl. And your little girl cried. Big deal! The guy was an immature twit but that should NOT be an arrestable offense!

And if your boyfriend kills your kitten by throwing it into a wall... just LEAVE HIM. You freaking moron, don't get the police involved over the death of a kitten, just take your kids and get out. If you don't, you deserve to follow the kitten into the wall.