Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm not dead yet! I think I'll take a walk

Well over a month since I last updated - I had not realized it had been that long.

My blogging had been slowly shriveling up even before I started playing World of Warcraft. I lost interest in politics many months ago and no longer had the energy to rant about the state of our country. Then, events that took place for a family member made us all realize that the internet is truly a public place and that what you say can be used against you. Because I could not be sure how what I wrote here might be used against this family member, I simply stopped posting about personal matters. You might be surprised to find out how creatively people can misinterpret the written word when they are looking for "dirt" on someone.

I think most people have realized it already, but this blog is comatose right now. I'll still keep it around for those times when I do have the urge to write about something random or need a place to vent. In the meantime, I hope that all of the people I have "met" here have a good year ahead of them.

May G-d bless you and keep you
May He make His face to shine upon you
And be gracious unto you
And give you peace