Friday, November 30, 2007

World of Warcraft, Art

As with many new activities that I have embarked on in the past, playing World of Warcraft is currently consuming a large amount of my free time. I've forbidden myself to play during the day except on Saturdays for the month of November, and should probably renew the ban for December.

This post isn't about how much I'm playing World of Warcraft though. It's about Blizzard's World of Warcraft fan art section. (By the way, that link is not for those of tender years, nor for anyone that does not like seeing scantily-clad females. Also, the following observations will not make a whole lot of sense to anyone that does not play WoW.)

1) Tauren are not sexy. They are huge bovines that walk upright. Cow /= sexy. So why, why! did some woman decide to draw a picture of her Tauren character with a sexy body and the flirtatiously smiling, winking head of a cow? This image was painfully seared into my brain.

2) What is up with the "I'm undead and that's hot!" fan art? I've looked through the character options for the Forsaken. They are rotting corpses. The flesh is literally falling off their bones. Rotting flesh - again, not sexy. If the artists in question had ever actually come into contact with a rotting corpse, they would find themselves less enamored with the concept of undead.

3) The Warlock's succubus pet is a very popular subject for fan art. Gee, I wonder why that could be...

4) Getting a tattoo based on the online multi-player RPG you play does not make you look cool, no matter how well designed the tattoo is. It's just a permanent homage to what a big dork you are!

5) The night elves look a lot better in the fan art than they do in the game.

6) Rotting corpses and walking cows are not sexy. Stop that.

Well, there it is, a post to show that I am still alive and even still managing to blog - a little.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm alive. I keep wanting to post and then being too lazy to actually do so (besides having started playing WoW). In any case, seeing as how I've had this Tolkien post here for ages now, I may as well throw in something else to do with Tolkien...something that made me shriek out loud with laughter for quite some time. It may not be as funny to non-roleplayers, but here we go...

The DM of the Rings