Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You Suck, Peter Jackson!

And I hope that you get crushed by a giant stack of Tolkien's novels.

I wanted to enjoy the Lord of the Rings movies. Truly I did.

But I didn't, and don't, and I blame Peter Jackson for this.

What do you call someone that believes they can improve on someone else's masterpiece? A masterpiece that was lovingly crafted by someone that poured a lifetime of work into it?

I call them obnoxiously arrogant. Pestiferously presumptuous. I call them Peter Jackson.

Admittedly, some of the aspects I most disliked were simply a matter of personal taste. I found many members of the cast to be distasteful, or miscast, and felt that many of the actors failed to capture the essence of the character they played. I do not blame Peter Jackson for the failure of his actors.

I understood that Tolkien's trilogy was simply too long to include every scene the way it was written. Some needed to be shortened, others left out altogether. Even so, why, Peter Jackson, did you feel it necessary to cut certain pertinent scenes in favor of scenes that were NOT pertinent? Why did you cut out good material in order to insert your own stupid material?

Even these outrages were not what left such a loathsome stench in my nostrils, the stench of Peter Jackson.

It was the way in which he altered some of Tolkien's characters in fundamental ways that changed them from who they were into someone else entirely.

Let me give you an example of this - the human brothers Boromir and Faramir. Each of these brothers has the chance to take the One Ring from Frodo. In the book and the movie, Boromir falls to temptation and tries to take the ring. However, in the book, Faramir recognizes the danger posed by the ring and rejects it of his own volition. His choice, influenced by nothing but his own good character and his knowledge of right and wrong.

In the movie, Faramir, like his brother, gives in to the temptation to take the ring. He is on the point of sending Frodo and Sam to his father, the Steward of Gondor, when Sam manages to emotionally manipulate Faramir into making the right choice and letting Frodo continue his quest to destroy the ring.

Peter Jackson destroyed the nobility and wisdom that Tolkien had imbued Faramir with.

And this was not the only time that he did this. In several key scenes, rather than make a rational choice based on their own good character and knowledge of right and wrong, someone is instead emotionally manipulated into doing the right thing.

Treebeard is emotionally manipulated into attacking Isengard. Elrond is emotionally manipulated by Galadrial into sending Elven forces to Helm's Deep to assist the people of Rohan, etc.

If this had happened once, I might have overlooked it. But it happened again, and again, and again.

So to reiterate - in Tolkien's novel, certain characters are confronted with temptation, with choices good and bad. Because of the good character and wisdom they have achieved in their lifetime, they make the right choice.

In Peter Jackson's movie, people are confronted with temptation, with choices good and bad. Because someone makes an emotional appeal to the person's better nature, they make the right choice. Eventually.

Thank you, Peter Jackson.

Because of you, Tolkien's noble heroes are reduced to being wishy-washy people that do not do what is right because they KNOW it to be right, but because someone else makes them FEEL that it is right.

You suck, Peter Jackson!

And I hope you get crushed by a giant stack of Tolkien's novels.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

And here I thought I was beyond outrage....

Well, I'd become so jaded nothing really seemed to make me angry enough to write about... but I saw this article and the anger came boiling into me.

Two of the Jena 6 present BET award

"By no means are we condoning a six-on-one beat-down," Williams said during his introduction of the teens

That's EXACTLY what you are doing.

"... But the injustice perpetrated on these young men is straight criminal."

Well, I certainly do see injustice in this case, but it involves allowing five criminals to escape the just consequences of their actions.

"They don't look so tough, do they?" Williams joked as the teens stepped up to the podium.

Perhaps that is why it took SIX of them to beat up on ONE white kid?

I don't care how many nooses are hung from trees. It does not justify a six-on-one beat-down that probably would have ended in murder if not for the intervention of other people.

All the blacks out there that want us to feel outraged for white racism? You better start expressing some outrage for black racism.

Here's the obligatory "I'm not racist" disclaimer - but I am, in fact, a culturalist, and the "black culture" showcased at the BET awards is loathsome. Forget deporting the Mexicans, deport EVERYONE involved in supporting these psycho thugs - including anyone that participated in the standing ovation.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


My blog has been nothing but fluff for months now. I remember when I used to write posts that had some substance to them, that at least made me seem vaguely thoughtful - now, well, I'm pretty boring. I sure appreciate the people that still pop in to read and leave comments. I still read the blogs on my list pretty frequently, but I'm not nearly as good about leaving comments as I used to be - sometimes I have something typed up and then decide it sounds stupid or trite, so I just close it out.

A number of factors seem to have had a hand in the deterioration of my blog. A second child, a new house, taking online college classes, my summer sleepiness. Those are some of the more mundane factors - I've also been going through a spiritual winter. That's the best way I can describe it. I'm not losing my faith or altering my beliefs, but I just don't feel like I'm growing spiritually right now. It's not a comfortable state to be in. I was a little comforted when I read a post of Heidi's in which she mentioned the Hebrew practice of allowing the fields to lie fallow every seventh year. Perhaps I'm just recharging right now.
Read this.

It should put a smile on your face!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My latest silly obsession

A while back, Birdie had linked to a site with a superhero avatar generator - well, I recently revisited the site, found they had updated, started tinkering around... and I have now wasted hours there, busily engaged in designing different avatars. And just to further the geek factor, the one at the bottom is the character I play in a friend's D&D game.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well, I needed to put something here. This is not exactly a random thoughts-style post, just blather.

My husband had a rough night at work, so I grabbed the kids and headed out so that he could get a few hours of quiet sleep today. I did something I've always wanted to do and just drove around, exploring. Oh, I stopped and did a little shopping, too - a thrift shop, Payless (where I discovered that a pair of shoes I'd really liked a month or two ago are now on sale for $7 - yay!), another thrift store, which I thought was a children's thrift store, but turned out to be a thrift store run for the benefit of a missing children's center, which was unfortunate, because the only reason I went there was because I was looking for children's items! Lastly, the mall, because I thought they might have the nice bathrooms with chairs or a couch to sit and nurse Benjamin. They did not, but we wandered around a little none-the-less, got ice cream cones and then looked at the animals in the pet store. On the way back home, the kids both fell asleep, so I kept driving for a little to give them a longer nap. I did not drive as long as I would have liked, though, because I was on a very rural highway and did not know when the next gas station might appear. Would not want to end up stranded on a warm Florida day with it being just me and the two little ones!

After I got back, I looked over the map to see where I had driven. I discovered that I had passed near what appears to be a large cemetery out in middle of nowhere (for all intents and purposes) and that gave me the idea of planning a minor road trip to visit cemeteries in the area. Though our town is small there are several cemeteries within the radius of a few miles. Our town has been around for over 100 years, and was apparently at one point something of a rough & tumble Old West-style town. I'm hoping the old cemeteries are still around.

I probably haven't mentioned that I really, really like cemeteries. People might think that is morbid, but it is not - it is actually the result of happy childhood memories, from a time when my family lived near a very old rural cemetery where my sisters and I went to play from time to time. I could swear I remembered Mom picking wild asparagus from that cemetery, but she swears she only picked from a patch that grew near there. I guess I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. =P

So I still like cemeteries, but only if they are not the modern variety, which have no headstones, only flat plaques for easy lawn maintenance. They're very soulless and boring. The old ones are fun though, because you can look at all the old-fashioned names and epitaphs and the wide range of gravestones, from the simple slabs to the elaborate statuary.

I'm going to have to find one or two friends that don't mind the idea of spending a day wandering around cemeteries.