Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Past Saturday

I went horseback riding Saturday with my husband, our friend Corey, Brainiac6 and her boyfriend, whose birthday we were celebrating. What a great idea of Brainaic6's! I have always wanted to go horseback riding but never had the opportunity. They put me on a pretty little paint mare named Sadie that turned out to be even more obsessed with eating than I am. I spent the entire two hours fighting her over whether she'd keep moving or stop to graze for a while. I think she could tell I was a novice and was trying to take advantage of that.

After the first 45 minutes, our guide turned back and allowed us to forge ahead on our own. Due to a miscommunication, my husband (whose horse was leading the group for the majority of the ride) ended up taking us off the main trail and into the woods. It was a narrow trail and for us, ended at the large fallen tree lying across it two or three feet above the ground. Trying to get everyone's horse turned around was an adventure, but we did eventually succeed and managed to have the horses back on time.

I really want to go again. I know, at this point, the guys are shaking their heads and thinking "what is it with chicks and horses?"

Been meaning to do this for a while

I have finally added MikeT of Code Monkey Ramblings to my blog list.

Mom, I also finally updated your link. =P


Justine's blog link updated as well.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Happy Birthday to a couple of my favorite old farts here in the blogosphere, and to my mother, one of my favorite old farts offline or online! ;)

Roland, Morris and Mom aka Serena

Anyone else care to admit to a birthday this month?

Now if only I knew a few good over-the-hill jokes...


Happy (Belated) Birthday to Birdie too!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

El Cucaracha

Living in an older home in a semi-tropical climate means that not all the former residents of our house moved out when we bought the place. The American cockroach, also known as palmetto bugs here in the South, left several representatives to greet us during the time following our arrival.

I like snakes, toads, frogs, beetles and spiders (even if I view large, skittery specimens of the latter somewhat uneasily). I have casually handled all of the above with my bare hands. El Cucaracha "the crazy bug", on the other hand, has traditionally been my mortal enemy. These are bugs that I associate with dirt and filth and traumatic childhood events.

There was the time when I woke up and shook a small (1/2 inch) cockroach out of my nightgown. The time when my sister Rachelle and I heard one in our room, and when we flicked on the light, it turned out to be an enormous specimen that proceeded to fly crazily around the room, sometimes directly at us. Our terrified screams reached the heavens (and also our parents, who probably thought we were being murdered). The time I woke up to go to the bathroom and in the dining room there was a big one on the floor, and another big one on the wall, and in the kitchen at least three more and I had to destroy them all. I actually woke up my sister Lael to beg her to help me squash them. She was not pleased and promptly squashed my hope of aid. The time I was riding in the car of family friends, whose car was none too clean, felt something on my hair, reached up and came back with a cockroach. This bug later attempted a return to the scene of the crime via my leg, and my shrill scream from directly behind his head nearly forced the driver off the road for the second time. The time my friend Debbie & I offered to help clean out the old storage shed behind the house because it was a chance to root through old junk from previous residents. We had heard the skittering and seen a few cockroaches after we'd pulled the first few things out into the light, but the true magnitude of the situation did not hit home until we both stood inside the dimly lit shed which smelled of years of decay and heard the skittering of hundreds, perhaps thousands of cockroaches as they ran up the walls around us...

At that point, the cockroach escalated from mortal enemy to arch-nemesis - it is not until the last two or three years that I have steeled myself to the point where I no longer jump, scream and run away as quickly as possible upon being surprised by the presence of a large cockroach. Anyway, returning to the residents of our new house... after moving in, I found that I was too tired and overwhelmed with what needed to be done to feel much animosity towards the large palmetto bugs I noticed that held residence in the bathroom and the kitchen. In fact, I named them all George. As long as they run away from me, I am usually content to let them live - for now - although George 1/2, 1 and 2 all had to be dispatched; the squashing of George .75 this morning was what precipitated this post. (The number designations indicate size - a whole number for the largest cockroaches, a fraction or decimal for smaller critters).

I had met George .75 (a rather handsome bug for a cockroach) last night as he explored the bathroom, but had spared him his life. This morning, I would have done the same when I found him exploring near our bedroom, if not for the fact that he tried to run inside our bedroom. The second time he tried this was while I stood in the doorway and I actually had to kick him away as he tried to scurry between my feet. This did not discourage him from making a third attempt, which is what brought on the wrath of Arielle delivered via sandal.

Adios, el cucaracha!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


To my cousin Lisa & her husband on the birth of their firstborn, a boy! Congratulations to my aunt & uncle as well, as this is their first grandchild.

He was delivered two months early via c-section but is over five pounds and breathing on his own, which is very good news. Prayers are appreciated both for the baby and for Lisa; she is a type I diabetic which caused the complications which necessitated such an early delivery.

May G-d bless the new baby and the new parents!


Pictures of Ian! Apparently, he managed to spray 4 out of 5 doctors while getting a diaper change. Way to go Ian! =D

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Aimless Brainwork*

Home renovation is hard. Much harder than I would have thought. I am enjoying it, though, and would rather rip up carpets and pry anchor boards off the floor than wash dishes!

Trying to get anything done, much less home renovation, is difficult with two young children to care for.

I'm refraining from buying any dessert-style food for a week. Hopefully, I will find the willpower to continue cutting back on sugar.

Back in 2004, I got all fired up about politics and would read the news and political blogs on a regular basis. Now, I mostly avoid thinking about it.

My husband and I are probably going to get cell-phones. We must be a couple of the last Americans in our age bracket not to already own one!

I hear sounds that indicate I should probably go check on my little stinkers.

Fortunately, it was just legos being knocked together.

I comment a lot less than I used to on the blogs I read. Half the time I'll start a comment, then decide it's too much work. Of course, that's either because I've got one hand tied up holding the little one, or am too tired to form coherent sentences.

I just met one of our new neighbors. Definitely a redneck. That doesn't have to be bad thing, though. According to the stories he tells, our police department has too much time on its hands and the officers tend to be too big for their britches. The ones I saw did remind me of Farva from Super Troopers!

*This has been another shameless knock-off of Pablo's Random Thought posts