Sunday, May 28, 2006

Accidental Nudity*

Every now and then the question arises "what was your most embarrassing moment?"

I'm usually not able to think of anything - but I sure as heck will have a story to tell after last night.

I went to bed around midnight. Sometime late at night/early in the morning, my husband came to bed, which woke me up from a pretty sound sleep. Having reached the discomfitting stage of needing to empty my bladder more often, I got up and went to use the bathroom, afterwards heading downstairs to get a drink of water. I sleep naked, and this was the state I was in when I went downstairs, believing it to be only myself, my husband and my son in the house. I had opened the fridge door and was pouring myself a glass of water when I looked out into the living room and realized there was someone lying down on the futon.

My husband had neglected to tell me that one of our friends was staying the night. This friend does spend the night on our couch every now and then, as he lives over an hour away and sometimes needs a place to crash when he is in town visiting us or mutual friends. My husband, man-like, assumed I would somehow know that he was spending the night last night, even though the friend in question doesn't spend the night every weekend, and didn't call until after I'd gone to bed. (And I was certainly sleeping to soundly to have heard him arrive.)

I can only hope that he was soundly asleep by the time I wandered past in nothing but my birthday suit! Now whenever I see that friend today (he's still asleep downstairs) I'm going to be struggling very hard not to turn beet red!

*Bet that title got your attention. Words like "nudity" just seem to scream for attention, don't they?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

On top of Spaghetti...

...all covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball,
when somebody sneezed!

It rolled off the table,
and onto the floor,
and then my poor meatball
rolled out of the door.

It rolled on the sidewalk,
and onto the street,
and then my poor meatball
was trampled by feet!

That is one of many "Silly Songs" which I, my sisters, and our psuedo-sis Lisa collected during the course of our younger years. We serenaded our family and friends with those songs for many years - we would probably still sing those songs, were we ever together to do so!

I haven't been posting anything lately because life has simply been too calm and placid. I haven't felt riled enough to rant over anything, nor have I been inspired to enthuse about a particular subject. Every now and then I get a weak inclination for posting something, but if ignored for a few minutes the feeling usually goes away. (Which should be easy to tell from the lack of activity!)

I've been very lazy offline as well, for the most part, though I am getting ever-so-slightly better with the housework, which I neglected while suffering from morning sickness. Of course, I really need to get my lazy rear in gear, because we're supposed to be moving in a month. It looks like we have hopefully found an apartment of the right size close to my husband's work, we're just waiting for the leasing office to let us know if our applications were accepted.

I need to get ahold of some empty boxes, so that I no longer have an excuse for putting off packing. I don't want to be down to the wire and scrambling to get things done - even though that is what commonly happens. =) It runs in the family!

Friday, May 12, 2006

A miscarriage of justice?

After reading this article, it sounds to me as though this man Rev. Gerald Robinson was unjustly convicted of murder.

I'll admit, it is possible that the information presented during the trial was much more convincing than the evidence mentioned in the article - but still, I'm disturbed. It only took the jury six hours to convict a priest of the ritual slaying of a nun - based on flimsy forensic evidence (from the sound of it) and a very weak motive for murder.

What do y'all think? I'm just not comfortable with someone being convicted for murder on the 'evidence' offered in this case.