Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Recovery (I hope)

Thanks everyone for your concern, well-wishes and/or prayers. Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by saying this, but I think I'm finally moving past the morning sickness. I've been feeling much better this past week and have not been having the severe nausea or vomiting that I struggled so much with earlier on.

I'm starting to feel the baby moving around more frequently, though it isn't much of a kicker - yet. My first son first made his presence felt with a long, steady series of kicks. Sometimes I would sleep with my stomach pressed up against my husband's back, and my husband said that he'd get kicked all through the night - something that I slept through without feeling a thing!

Speaking of my first son, he's finally warmed up to his father - something my husband seemed to think would never happen. Vincent was definitely a mommy's boy for the first two years of his life, and would almost always prefer my company to his dad's. Now, whenever my husband is home, my son is like his little shadow - climbing all over him, sitting with him when he watches television or plays on the computer and making a general nuisance of himself - which my husband doesn't seem to mind at all. Seeing the two of them together certainly has had me smiling!

Y'all may or may not be seeing me around the blogosphere for the next little while - I've been lurking, but haven't been in a 'talkative' mood, so comments may continue to be scarce. I still plan on posting here, when my muse gets off her lazy posterior and starts providing me with some inspiritation.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Couch Potato

That's what I've been the past two days. I went camping with my in-laws over Easter weekend, and whether it was my father-in-law's incessant smoking or the lack of fresh veggies, by Sunday evening I had started feeling very sick. I sure wish I were subject to normal morning sickness, which supposedly fades after the first trimester. Oh well. It'll end eventually.

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. I'd like to have more here to entertain those drifting by, but my muse has been very languid about providing inspiration lately. Lazy thing.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Prayer needed

For Eaglewood and his wife Birdie.

I thank Yeshua with all my heart that the children of YHWH have been promised a life beyond this one; a life free from the sorrow and despair of this broken world.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Now that I am a parent, I understand the frustration of dealing with a childless person that believes they have all the answers when it comes to rearing children.

My housemate has no children. She frequently speaks of how her children are all going to be very well behaved, because she is going to be strict with them and discipline them. It is clear that she believes that our son is naughty and disobedient because we don't spank him often enough. (He gets spanked frequently.)

My housemate's dog has bitten my son three times since we moved in here - once on the face, twice on the hand. If she were a larger dog, she would have broken the skin. When I brought this up to our housemate and told her she would need to keep an eye on this dog around children, she made excuses for the dog. The dog doesn't like children. My son was pestering the dog. If her children are bitten once, they'll learn to leave the dog alone - implying that there was something wrong with my son for not learning to leave the dog alone after being bitten more than once. (The reason my son was pestering the dog was because he was trying to play with the dog - something my housemate has encouraged when she has been home.)

I brought up that there are plenty of dogs out there that know better than to bite children, no matter how rough the children are. I also brought up that it takes time to train children to leave an animal alone. In the meantime, what if this dog bites a child in the eye? The child could be blinded. (My son was 12 months old when the dog bit him in the face. The only thing he had tried to do was pat her on the back.)

All of this made absolutely no impression her.

Sadly, this is the attitude she typically takes. Everything *must* be someone else's fault.

When one of the dining room chairs broke, she thought it was because we had been using it improperly. Turns out, there was a plastic piece on the end of one leg which had broken, probably from contact with the uneven tile floor.

When the water heater broke, she thought we had somehow caused it. Turns out, the copper used in the elements had become badly corroded.

When her computer broke, obviously it was my fault - even though she had Windows 95 with an active cable internet connection and no firewall or virus protection. Because I was the one that had used it last, I was the one that broke it.

Now, there's a light switch in the room next to ours which no longer works. She thinks that a guest of ours which spent the night in that room must have broken it by unplugging the lights which were plugged into the wall socket which the lightswitch is tied to. (Does this make any sense to you? It doesn't to me.)

This is one of the reasons why I have wanted - desparately - to move out. It doesn't help that she's also a weird mix of liberal and conservative Christian Democrat. She thinks the government doesn't do enough for people; laws ought to be put into place and enforced because otherwise people might make bad decisions and hurt themselves or their children. Oh yes, guns are bad.

At least she doesn't support abortion!

Don't get me wrong, I like her, I just don't want to live with her!