Saturday, October 29, 2005

Not feeling very loving right now...

Some of you may consider this to be harsh. It is spoken out of anger and indignation.

I want Iran to be wiped off the face of the Earth. I mean it. I want it to be destroyed the way the Caananite nations were destroyed when Israel took possession of their G-d-given land for the first time. I want Iran destroyed down to the last man, woman and child. It is, from all appearances, a thoroughly G-dless, hate-filled nation.

This article is what caused this outburst.

One of these days, one of these days.

One might wonder what the difference is between my statements and the Iranian statements. Well, my statements are not directed at a nation set apart by YHWH Himself. The Iranians are not just hate-filled - they're blind and stupid. To put it in human terms - it is as if they're threatening the children of a very powerful man. Good thing they're willing to die for their cause because that is just what is going to happen.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tampa? Best at anything? What a surprise!

My husband had his first day at the police academy yesterday. He said he spent eight hours listening to them talk about the benefits he would receive as a government employee. They are very nice benefits. Even better, they'll start within a couple of months. Dental, medical and even vision for the entire family.

He also found out that our county's jail system is the best in the country. The Colonol in charge of the system gets invited to other states and even other countries in order to explain how the system works. That set my mind more at ease.

So again, thanks for the prayers, everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lisa and Jo will get a kick out of this

I was dreaming. I was also asleep, just in case any of you might have thought otherwise. =D

Myself and two of my sisters, Jo and Rachelle, were taking a walk in a sprawling urban setting. At one point during a discussion we were having, I looked over between two apartment buildings and noticed a tornado forming behind them. I started screaming "Tornado!" to alert anyone nearby, then grabbed Jo and Rachelle by the hand and started making a run for it. There really wasn't anywhere for us to go, though, and we found ourselves beneath some large oak trees next to an office building. Another, smaller tornado began forming almost directly on top of us. I felt the suction begin and grabbed hold of the roots of the tree, while trying to help Jo and Rachelle do the same. So there we were, clinging to oak tree roots with our legs swinging up into the air and old shriveled leaves swirling in the air around us. The tornado moved on.

The scene changes and we're inside a store (I think it was a bookstore) speaking to the clerk when I look out their large front window and notice that the Apocalypse has taken place. There are huge tornadoes all throughout the city. The underside of the cloud cover is a lurid orange from the reflected glow of fire. While we are gawking at this, one of the Four Horsemen rides his horse through the window, coming to a stop between me and the counter.

It was Brent Spiner.

For all you non-geeks out there, he's the actor that portrayed the android Data on Star Trek: the Next Generation.

I wish I could remember the conversation that followed. It culminated with my stabbing him in the gut, which he only sneered at and mocked me for. I woke up before he could commence kicking my posterior.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Male pregnancy?

I very much want this to be a joke. Can anyone tell me if this is legitimate?

From the same site.

This is some kind of joke, right? Because I don't recall seeing anything about either of these in the news.


My instincts were correct. Snopes verified that it is not a legitimate site. They had me going until I got to the part with the mouse. That sounded a lot more far-fetched than a male pregnancy!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A psychopath by any other name

From the dust jacket of The Confessions of Nat Turner; a novel inspired by real events:

In the late summer of 1831, in a remote section of southeastern Virginia, there took place took place the only effective, sustained revolt in the anals of American Negro slavery...

The revolt was led by a remarkable Negro preacher named Nat Turner, an educated slave who felt himself divinely ordained to annihilate all the white people in the region.

THE CONFESSIONS OF NAT TURNER is narrated by Nat himself as he lingers in jail through the cold autumnal days before his execution. The compelling story ranges over the whole of Nat's life, reaching its inevitable and shattering climax that bloody day in August.

THE CONFESSIONS OF NAT TURNER is not only a masterpiece of storytelling; it also reveals in unforgettable human terms the agonizing essence of Negro slavery. Through the mind of a slave, William Styron has re-created a catastrophic event, and dramatized the intermingled miseries, frustrations - and hopes - which caused this extraordinary black man to rise up out of the early mists of our history and strike down those who held his people in bondage.

Extraordinary black man?!?

He felt himself divinely ordained to annihilate all white people in his region and he's described as extraordinary? That is such hogwash! If a white man had said he was divinely ordained to annihilate his fellow whites, he would have been seen as a psychopath and a lunatic. If a white man had said he was divinely ordained to annihilate Negroes, he would now be seen as a racist psychopath lunatic. Yet this man was 'extraordinary'.

Slavery is no excuse for murder.

This man was supposedly educated and a preacher, but I think he must have skipped over a large portion of the Bible.

Yeshua appeared in Israel during the Roman occupation. The Jewish people were certainly mistreated, abused and enslaved by their Roman conquerers. Yet Yeshua made it clear that He had not come to release His people from their physical bondage - but rather from the slavery of sin. He never lifted a hand against the Romans, and He never incited anyone to do so on His behalf.

I believe Nat Turner had badly misplaced his priorities. Instead of leading his people to revolt and advocating murder, he should have been spreading the Gospel. It certainly would have been of more service to his people.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


That's me. I'm a sucker.

I know people lie. Criminals and politicians make a career out of lying. (I wasn't there! It wasn't sex!) I just don't expect people to lie to me face to face.

Yesterday a young man came to the door, claiming to be part of an after school work program designed for kids with ADD and ADHD. They were selling magazine subscriptions and competing for a scholarship and a trip to Europe. He seemed a little slow and socially inept, the kind of kid that would be held back in school, if our education system weren't such a scholastic joke.

I took him at face value and believed everything he said. Fortunately, my husband returned home before I could do anything stupid. My husband is a very suspicious, paranoid person, and rightly so in this case. A couple of questions (which I should have thought to ask) and the truth began to be revealed. We did procure a web address from the young man, who beat a hasty retreat. After looking at the website, it became apparent that it was not an after school program, was not for scholarships, and was certainly not for kids with ADD and ADHD. It was just a door-to-door sales job.

I had been such a fool. I felt embarrassed, humiliated and violated. (If I were walking down the street and a strange man grabbed my breast, it would provoke a very similar emotional reaction.) There were plenty of things about the encounter that should have put up warning flags, and would have, had I been more skeptical and less trusting.

Later, it occurred to me that my husband was being very sweet about the whole thing. He had not teased me or lectured me at all - his actions had even prompted the salespeople to quickly leave the neighborhood. While searching for the young man that had lied to us, whom he wished to confront, he found a young woman that was also selling magazines. He told her about her associate's lying ways and obtained a customer service number from her, after which she beat a hasty retreat, along with her fellow salespeople.

Well, my glasses are a shade less rosy. I guess I can chalk it up as a learning experience.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lucky Find

I'm back, as I've found an old pair of glasses from 3-4 years ago to use until I can purchase new ones. The prescription is weaker, but definitely much better than going without corrective lenses at all! For once, hanging on to something for years actually did pay off.

Alright, we'll see how much blog-surfing I can do before my son wakes up from his nap.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Update and short hiatus

Firstly, my husband did get hired by the sheriff's department. He'll start at the police academy on the 24th of this month. Thank you for your prayers! Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier.

Secondly, I'm taking a short break from the internet. My glasses broke today, in such a way that I cannot tape them up to continue using them, and I can't really afford to get new ones until my husband is receiving paychecks again. I do have a pair of contacts left, but I can only wear them for a few hours a day or I start developing irritated bumps on the underside of my eyelids which become quite painful. So I'm going to try to avoid eye-straining activities for the next few days.

I'll "see" you all later. =)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Mother's milk improves in long-term nursing

I know this isn't something most male readers aren't interested in, but it is good information to know. My husband and many others think nursing beyond one year is weird and somehow wrong. It isn't. Nursing is a natural function that women are designed for. It's a shame that America has stigmatized breast-feeding, which is the healthiest start a woman can give her child.

Anyway, go here to read the article.

Monday, October 03, 2005

No, really?

Toddlers raised by mom do better than other kids

I'm waiting for the day when a researcher trips, skins their knee, then publishes a report saying 'Sidewalks more painful to fall on than grass!'

Anyway, go here to read the article.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Salami on Rye

It was a gloriously cold night, which Lisa, Jo and I had spent wrapped in blankets while sitting on Clearwater Beach. We reveled in those evenings spent on the edge of the ocean, watching the black depths of the ocean stretching to meet the black depths of the sky, feeling the chilly wind from the gulf running its fingers through our hair.

There was something in the sharpness of the air which brought out my wildness and turned me into fey-kin, running and leaping and spinning across the sand until pleasantly fatigued. My whole being ached with wanderlust, a desire for adventures in far-flung, exotic locales. I was high on nothing more than the natural chemicals produced by my own body.

Clearwater Beach was a popular destination for a variety of people; the sex-obsessed and the romantic, the junkies and the artists, the gawkers and the posers. As Lisa, Jo and I were preparing to leave, we spotted a group of young men surrounding their ride in the parking lot. In my current state I had transcended my shy nature, so I offered a suggestion to Lisa and Jo, which they happily consented to.

Still wrapped head to toe in old, ratty blankets, we approached the young men with as much dignity as we could muster. As soon as we stood before them, I bowed and spoke.
Behind me, Lisa and Joelle also bowed deeply.
"On rye!"

Then we turned and walked away. From behind us, we heard one voice raised above the rest.

"Dude, that girl just called you a piece of meat!"

One of the young men followed us to ask us what we had meant by our strange behavior. It was clear that we had touched some chord of weirdness within him that he wasn't even aware of. He was bemused and astounded by the bizarre scene he had just witnessed. He wondered if we had been drinking, to which we laughingly responded that we were the only people we knew that could get drunk on nothing. When we left his brain was slowly boiling in the stew of his confusion.

(Damn, but I miss you guys!)