Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Please Pray

Over a year ago, my husband applied for a job as a dentention deputy with the local sheriff's office. He was not selected, however they kept his file on record. This year, approximately one month after starting a new job, the police department contacted him and requested that he update his files with them. They needed references from the job he had previously held and his new job. Two months later, after receiving the request for a reference, his manager decided to fire him for "seeking other employment". That was two weeks ago. Tomorrow his file will be submitted for review.

If you feel led, please pray for us!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I wasn't going to blog on this subject. It doesn't just make me angry, it hurts me. It twists my soul in knots. While browsing through blogs today though, I've noticed that I'm not the only one it hurts. The Redeemed are expressing the same outrage, sorrow and sense of wrongness that I feel.

You know why I think we're feeling this? Because Father feels it. The Jewish people will always be His chosen people. Thanks to the blood of Yeshua, we are a part of His chosen people. Even after Israel collectively turned their backs on God, He still heard their cries. He knew their point of repentance and He always stepped in to deliver them.

He still hears the cry of His people today. He will deliver them, with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm.

How I look forward to that day!!

Monday, August 15, 2005


I enjoy watching Law and Order. Every now and then, they piss me off. Tonight, they pissed me off twice in a row.

First was an episode involving a woman that had killed her terminally ill infant, with drugs prescribed by her pediatrician specifically for that purpose. As I've seen argued before by the pro-euthanasia, the characters claimed it was done to relieve the infant's suffering - even though the child had not progressed to the point of experiencing symptoms of the illness. Anyone that says they are killing their own offspring to prevent their offspring from suffering is lying - lying to themselves. They are really doing it to relieve their own suffering. Especially in the case of an infant - their child is not going to choose to die, they will fight to live until their body simply cannot sustain their life. It was also stated in the episode that the child would have had years of suffering followed by inevitable death. Funny, I'm pretty sure everyone suffers, and everyone inevitably dies. By this logic, we should simply exterminate - excuse me, euthanize - the entire human race. What difference does it make if someone's suffering takes place over five years, or fifty years, or eighty years?

The mother also stated that she believed in a loving God, and that she did not believe God would want her innocent child to suffer. That's total bull-shit. Obviously, anyone that believes this believes God is powerless, else why would He even allow a terminally ill child to be born? Innocent children suffer from many things, including disease, crippling accidents, mental, emotional, physical abuse, neglect - and yes, innocent children die. Does this mean we should kill them before that happens? Pain happens to people - you don't kill people because they are going to experience pain. That's insanely stupid.

Even a child that is in chronic pain, cannot move and cannot see, as the child in the episode would have eventually become, can still experience the warmth of their parents' arms and the warmth of their parents' love.

The reason the episode really angered me was because at the end, the prosecutor, after convincing the jury to convict the woman, stated privately to a colleague that the woman didn't deserve 25 years in jail. That's right - she deserved to die. The prosecutor also asked that colleague what he would have done if it had been his daughter. The episode ends with him proclaiming he would have done anything he could. If I found out my son was terminally ill, it would crush me - but I would pray for strength and do my best to appreciate the time I had left with him. I would try not to allow grief to overwhelm me.

The second episode involved a homeschooling mother suspected of child abuse. Right away I could see that the episode was painting the majority of homeschoolers as antisocial individuals, abusive, and unfit to raise children. One social worker states that public school is a 'safety net' designed to catch illness, psychological disorders and abuse. Public school is a net, and it certainly catches children - catches them and attempts to turn them into good citizens that will follow the dictates of the government. While caught in that net, they also fall prey to more dangers than they would be exposed to in their own home. The episode was very typical of how average sheeple view home-schooling.

So aggravating!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Various & Sundry Items

A friend and I were discussing the origins of the universe a few years back. She is agnostic and what her thoughts on the matter boiled down to was that she tended to think that the universe originated from a powerful, emotionless entity. I could only ask her why a being with no emotions and no desire would bother to create anything. She is an artist so that gave her a pause and she had to acknowledge that I had something there. We no longer spend time together, as our lives have divurged, but I pray that Father used me to plant a seed.

On the radio the other day, I listened to people call in and attempt to answer the following question: 65% of the population admit to experimenting with this ___? One listener guessed homosexual sex. Now, that already had me raising an eyebrow, but what the DJ responded left my jaw hanging. She stated that that was not the answer, and that she thought only a third of the population was gay.

One third?



How could anyone be that ignorant? Even the homosexuals only dare to claim 10%, a number which is greatly exaggerated, as the US census bureau puts the number closer to 4%. There are so many things wrong with her statement that my brain sputtered wildly trying to keep up with them all. If a third of the population was homosexual, the population would be a LOT smaller. Gay marriage would be legal. Kerry would be president. One in three people that you interact with on a daily basis would be gay. The list could go on and on!

My sister Joelle has started her own blog. If you're interested in seeing more of the "blogging Von Trapp family" as we've apparently been named, then you should definitely visit. Are we more like a sideshow, or that car wreck on the side of the road that everyone slows down to look at?