Thursday, July 28, 2005

Alternative Medicine

I believe in the use of alternative medicine for most illnesses. Why? Because I believe that YHWH created the Earth. The intricacy of His creation continues to amaze me. YHWH put our bodies together and He knows what we need to heal them and has provided accordingly. The drugs created by human scientists are pale, crappy imitations.

The biggest problem with drugs is that they do not aid in healing - they simply suppress symptoms created by an illness or disease. When you are sick - whether it be the common cold or cancer - what you need is a change of lifestyle. Exercise. Eat healthy - organic foods, heavy on raw fruits and veggies. Get a lot of sleep. Monitor your attitude. All of these activities will aid your body in fulfilling its duty to keep you healthy. Most people want things the 'easy' way though, so they take drugs in order to keep their same unhealthy lifestyle.

Not all herbal supplements are useful. Taking vitamin C in pill form will probably help a little - eating a fresh orange will probably help more. Still, I think that herbal and mineral supplements have their place and can aid your health. Lately, I've seen talk of these supplements being required to be approved by the FDA. Obviously, the FDA has a wonderful track record when it comes to approving drugs - now they want to get their hot little hands on herbal medicines? That's ridiculous!

What brought on this rant? This article. It gives a few details about a study done on Echinacea and claims the study proves it does not help the common cold. Well, I know for a fact that it does. I've shaken off colds in a day or two or completely nipped them in the bud through using echinacea.

A couple of flaws were evident to me when reading the article. For one, the volunteers were only given echinacea three times a day. You need to take a certain amount every hour in order for it to really help. They also did not mention if the volunteers were told to change their diet while taking echinacea. Sugar can cut immune system response by 90%. The typical American consumes large amounts of sugar - it's in our drinks, our breads, our dairy products, baked goods, etc. If you don't cut down on sugar while taking echinacea, you will counter its effectiveness.

Seems to me that the tone of that article was definitely in favor of FDA approval for herbal supplements. Why in the world do people think the government should be able to tell us whether or not we can buy vitamin C?

Monday, July 18, 2005

A letter

This morning after dropping my husband off at work, I caught a portion of The Morning X Show, a local radio program hosted by Fisher and Boy. Fisher brought up two incidents in Miami involving convicted sex offenders placed back in jail following parole violations. While on parole, the men were not allowed to have sexually stimulating material on hand. When one man's home was searched, a racy calendar and several issues of Maxim were found. In the other man's home, a copy of the Kama Sutra was found in his bedside table (his wife had purchased the book a year earlier and he forgot it was there). Fisher obviously believed the government was getting out of hand in these cases. The following is an e-mail I sent him on the subject.

Dear Fisher,

Unfortunately I was unable to listen to the entirety of your broadcast this morning. Based on what I did hear, however, I agree and sympathize with the point you were trying to make. When a government begins infringing on the rights of its citizens, it starts with society’s scum – people that no one wants to stand up for. Eventually people are conditioned to believe that the government only directs certain methods against bad people. In time, when the government steps over the threshold of Joe Average’s home, his neighbors automatically believe him to be a bad person; they simply stand by gossiping as the government tears his life to shreds.
I would extrapolate, based on the subject matter you chose to present, that you are worried that a conservative, right-wing government is taking steps that will eventually lead to the censoring or destruction of sexually provocative and explicit materials. Have no fear. When a government reaches a certain level of corruption (which I believe will happen all too soon in America), it is not men reading racy magazines that they will direct their resources towards. It is opposing political factions, religious groups, and undesirable social groups that will feel the government’s crushing grip.
In Nazi Germany, the first people incarcerated in the concentration camps were actual criminals, followed swiftly by political prisoners. Eventually they were joined by the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, communists and Christians.
Don’t worry - you’ll probably have access to Playboy long after copies of the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, 1981, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, and even Dianetics, are being incinerated or recycled into toilet paper.



Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fun With Murphy's Law

Tonight, after putting the munchkin to bed, I headed for the store. It was my first solo trip - usually munchkin is with me. I was in a pleasant mood as I left the house.

My shopping went quickly. I decided to go through the self checkout. Once there, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet in the glovebox.

Once outside, I quickly saw that I had forgotten to turn my lights off.

Back inside, I went through the incredibly slow process of the self checkout. The screen kept freezing. I should have just waited in line.

After scanning about half my items, I realized that the pair of shoes I'd grabbed for my son did not have a tag to scan. Frustrated, I set them aside and completed checking out.

Outside I loaded up the groceries and then tackled the Snickers ice cream bar I'd bought. It was rather mangled and I ended up dropping a portion of it on my shoe.

I decided I would go back inside, clean off my shoe, grab another pair of shoes (with a tag) for my son and go through a regular checkout aisle this time. Done and done.

Finally I'm leaving the store, a good half hour past when I wanted to be home. I'm a minute down the road when I realize - I'm driving with no lights on at 11pm.

By now I'm feeling like grade A idiot. Just then, the song I've been wanting to hear all day comes on the radio. Suddenly all is right with the world. I relax and settle back to enjoy my music - when suddenly the song comes to an abrupt end. That wretched, pathetic show Loveline was beginning and they had used the song's opening bars as an intro!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An Interesting Interview

Tonight I happened across an interview of actor/musician Corey Feldman. The Goonies and The Lost Boys are two of my favorite movies (which Corey Feldman starred in) so I decided to stick around.
Three things really stuck out during the interview. One, Corey Feldman is not your typical airheaded celebrity. He is intelligent, articulate, forthright and honest - traits which were noticed and commented on by his interviewer. I was impressed.
Secondly, Feldman had a very difficult life. His family life was definitely not a happy one. As a teenager, he was befriended by a man that introduced him to alcohol and drugs, as well as sexually molesting him. Feldman detailed how he was not the only child star this happened to - his friend and frequent co-star Corey Haim, and others were also targetted and abused by different pedophiles. This floored me. For so many of the young men of Feldman's acquaintance to have been targeted by sexual predators, they must be swarming in the entertainment industry. I mean, that is just not normal! After hearing that, I sure wouldn't want my son to ever be in the entertainment industry!
Thirdly, the interviewer commented on how articulate, intelligent and poised Feldman was - something that seemed to surprise him, given the events that had occurred in Feldman's life. The interviewer asked what his secret was, and Feldman responded that it was God. You could see that he really meant it.
Definitely a refreshing change of pace from the crap that spews from so many mouths in the entertainment industry.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

America's Depravity

I'm sure y'all have already read plenty of articles about the 8 year old girl kidnapped in Idaho.

What kind of a nation lets this happen to their children? A depraved, degenerate, evil nation. That's right, evil. Our liberal, sissified "justice" system allows horrible events like this to happen. Pedophiles should be executed. If they were, this little girl would not be scarred for life and her family would still be alive. It breaks my heart to think of what she and her brother went through. The man responsible shouldn't even be alive right now - if our nation were a nation of justice, he should have been executed as soon as he was caught.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing a return to frontier justice. You know someone as depraved as that man would have been dangling from a rope or shot in quick order.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Crimson Chronicle

Crimson Chronicle is a very frank look at the topic of sexuality. It focuses on the need for Biblical purity and why it is so important. Even people that have not struggled with this area will still find plenty of food for thought. Go, read - I think you'll find it worth your time.

update: I don't know why the html won't work for the link, however you can visit this blog by clicking on its link in my blog list.