Monday, March 28, 2005


By now most of my (few) readers have probably stopped checking my blog and decided I've fallen off the face of the blogosphere. Well, I haven't shuffled off this electronic coil yet. I've just been too busy to spend much time here. My sister is home and on leave after a year's time in Iraq. That is part of the reason for my absence. The other is sleep. Normally after putting my son to bed I spend time on the computer. Lately I've been falling asleep along with him. Makes me feel like an old fogey! Hopefully this week I may get around to another couple of posts. The week after this I will be in TN visiting family. Yay! So once again there will be a long absence. Hopefully after that I will be back and visiting my favorite blogs again. =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Full of it

I'm feeling full of vim and vinegar today for some reason. The rants continue.

Santa Claus.

Most people see him as a harmless bit of childhood magic, teaching our children the joys of imagination.

Just brilliant. Why would I want to tell my children that some fat old guy wearing red velvet comes to our house in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep and leaves presents for them? How would most people react to finding this velvet-clad figure standing in their living room, in the middle of the night, holding a big bag? By breaking out the guns, or calling 911!

Most parents know that establishing a good relationship with their children takes hard work. So why attribute those presents under the tree to some stranger they will never see? I'd want them to know that those presents arrived under that tree by the sweat of my brow, because I love them and want to do nice things for them!

Now, if they want to leave me cookies and milk the night of Christmas Eve, I won't argue with that!

Fighting like Cats and Dogs

Okay. Enough already. Owning a dog does not make you more of a man than owning a cat. You know what makes a man a man? His actions!

That being said, if I'm going to have an indoor animal I would prefer a cat, because they are usually quiet and more likely to stay out of my way.

My housemate has two dogs. I find them extremely irritating. They vomit in the house, shed fur everywhere, constantly get under my feet and wake my son with their barking; they are also poorly trained and frequently disobedient.

I've had housecats - they also shed fur, vomited, stunk up the house with their litterbox, etc. BUT they were usually more aloof then dogs, which I appreciate.

My housemate's dog Arthur constantly looks at me with this hangdog expression which clearly states 'why won't you love me? I just want to be loved!' He's so needy I want to kick him, which in turn brings on feelings of guilt. Damnable animal!

I want to have dogs eventually, but I want them to live outside. I want them to like me and appreciate my company, but be happy and content when I'm not there.

Why do so many people put up with crap from their pets that they would never tolerate in family, friends or even acquaintances? How would you react if someone you knew always humped the legs of people that visited them, even going so far as to giz on their shoes? How would you react to someone that peed on your bed and chewed on your furniture because you left them alone for a few hours? How would you react if someone frequently scratched or bit people they were angry with?

I understand that people receive feelings of pleasure from owning and caring for indoor pets - what I don't understand is why. For many people, pets seem to have become a substitute for the normal, healthy, human relationships they should have.

Have a baby. You will clean up their vomit, urine and feces. You will have to teach them how to behave and be obedient - but, thanks to a little thing called opposable thumbs they will eventually be able to perform household tasks - and if raised correctly, will support you in your old age, while providing you with cute little grandchildren to hold and pet.

Plus, they are unlikely to shed copious amounts of fur.

Truth II

As I-N-H points out, telling the truth is not a license to be cruel. You should not intentionally say things that you know will hurt someone unecessarily, then use the excuse that you were 'only being truthful'. Honesty and tactfulness make a good combination.

For example:

Most men dread being asked 'Does this make me look fat?'

If you like the way it looks, tell her so! If you don't, let her know you feel it's unflattering, but mention something else she wears that you do find attractive. If a woman can't handle the truth, she shouldn't ask for it!

That being said, it's probably best NOT to answer 'no, your big butt makes you look fat!' ;)


Truth is incredibly important to me. Very little gets under my skin as much as deceit. Even 'little white lies' bother me. I even feel bad for every time I lied to or deceived a telemarketer or creditor in search of my husband. I find it very frustrating when people hesitate to bring something out into the open, instead dancing around like a cat in wet grass for fear of offending someone. If I ask a question, it is because I want an answer - an honest answer.

Today much of the world seems to believe there is no truth, that there are no moral absolutes. You hear phrases such as 'personal truth' bandied about. Even people that love Father and strive to follow His commandments often believe that sometimes lying is 'necessary'.

Proverbs has this to say on the subject of lying:

There are six things which the LORD hates,
Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:
...a lying tongue...

...A false witness who utters lies...

Father NEVER lies. Why should we?

I'll tell you why we lie - we lie out of fear. Fear of offending, fear of reprisal, fear of punishment, fear of pain. This is not godly behavior. It is ungodly behavior.

A family sits at the dinner table. Underneath their table is a rug, underneath that rug is a trapdoor. In the space beneath the trapdoor are Jews, hiding. If they are discovered they will be shipped off to a concentration camp where they will probably die.

Soldiers enter the house, searching for Jews. They ask the lady of the house if there are any Jews in her home. Her family looks at her and they are afraid. They know that she always tells the truth. Surely this one time she will lie! Look at what is at stake!

She tells the truth. Yes, there are Jews in her home. Where are the Jews? Under the table.

The soldier lifts up the tablecloth, sees nothing but a rug. They believe that the lady of the house was making a sarcastic joke at their expense. They leave in disgust.

That lady was one of the Ten Boom sisters. She did what was right in the eyes of YWHW, even though men would have told her to lie, would have told her that it was the right thing to do.

Father NEVER punishes His children for doing the right thing. If we trusted Him enough to obey His commandments always, even to death, we would seem some amazing things happen.

The End!

Well, I'm not sure what went through your mind upon reading that title - the end I'm referring to is the demise of my writer's block. In fact, I wish to write about a great many things but do not have the time in which to do so.

Writer's block usually seems to be a situation in which a writer loses their ability to conjure subjects or coax words into pleasing form. Not so for my writer's block. When it occurs, it is usually a severe lack of enthusiasm. I can think of subjects to write about but I simply cannot overcome my apathy in order to set pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. It's a very frustrating state to be in.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

An answer... I-N-H. No, I have not given up blogging - I'm just experiencing severe writer's block. =(

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Mankind has pondered the concept of eternity for millennia. Some would characterize it as a ring, some as a straight line, others as a figure eight. The problem with each of these is that people are defining eternity by time.

This is how I'd characterize time:


This is how I'd characterize eternity:

See? You can't symbolize eternity, you cannot confine it to linear or non-linear time, because it is outside of time.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Justice? Hah

The Supreme court demonstrates its ignorance of the constitution once again.

Justice Scalia (one of the dissenters in this decision) writes:

"The court thus proclaims itself sole arbiter of our nation's moral standards."

As to the decision in question - why should a 16 or 17 year old be held less responsible for murder than an 18 year old? They know right from wrong a lot younger than 16-17! The whole situation just makes me mad enough to spit fire.


Today I woke up around nine, dressed myself and the baby, then headed downstairs. I popped a batch of muffins into the oven, then picked up the baby's toys, which he'd scattered over the floor the night before. Next I emptied the drainer of clean dishes, then washed the sinkful of dirty ones. Afterwards it occurred to me that the plants recently purchased by our housemate would need watering. Arming myself with a plastic measuring cup full of water I headed outside. It was a beautiful morning, bright sunshine combined with a cool, crisp breeze. After three trips the plants were finished and I blithely returned indoors, feeling smugly satisfied over my endeavors. It might not seem like much to you, but for someone as prone to laziness and procrastination as I am, this was a lot to accomplish in less than two hours awake. Secure in my tranquil domesticity, I smiled benignly at my baby boy as he sat on one hip.
This explosion occurred as both of my housemate's dogs exhuberantly tried to occupy space already claimed by my feet. As soon as the words had exited my mouth I was laughing ruefully over my instantaneous switch from Julie Andrews to Roseanne Barr. So much for domestic goddesshood!