Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Those of you that still swing by to visit might enjoy adding Justine to your list of worthy blogs. An excellent writer and an excellent mind behind the writing.

As for me - I'll start writing again eventually. Summer in Florida is a very lethargic time for me. The heat & humidity are draining not just physically but creatively. So, like Flicka, I'll be on something of a summer break - though for less worthy reasons. I still plan on the occasional post, but they'll be spread out. I'd understand if anyone wished to de-link me. Now, back to lurking.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Despite being so nervous that I felt nauseous, I passed. Of course, had they seen my driving later in the day, they might have changed their minds. I still have a tendency to turn corners at unsafe speeds. Not that I'm in any danger of flipping the car (which I'm told would actually be an impressive and unlikely feat). I also had a minor problem with not noticing a car entering the interstate - I was trying to get over into the middle lane and didn't notice the motorist that seemed stubbornly disinclined to yield. Ah well - would have been his own fault and legal liability had he run himself off the road trying to squeeze in ahead of me. My husband was concerned - being on the side at which impact would have occurred, understandably so. I need to pay more attention to my surroundings.

Anyway, enough about my driving - off to read other people's writing.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Learning to Drive

I'm 24 and I still do not have my driver's license. I tried to learn how to drive at twenty, but it made me so nervous that I did not do very well. My first test was a horrible failure. My second test, about a month ago, was also a failure, but not as bad as the first. An accumulation of little things got me. Now I'm pretty confident about everything save one - parking. I'm not good at judging distance and aligning the car properly. I've never hit a vehicle, but I'm also usually too far over to one side. Unfortunately, parking is one of the most important things on the driver's test. I go in again this Tuesday morning. I'm really, really hoping I'll keep my cool and pass. Now that I'm older, driving doesn't make me nearly as nervous and I am actually looking forward to the freedom it will afford. This way I can get errands done or go to the park while my husband is at work. I like the outdoors and my son likes the outdoors, but my husband is not a big fan of nature.

Hopefully the next time I blog, I'll be the proud possessor of a driver's license - my own, of course. (I could steal someone else's, but it wouldn't be quite the same.)

Sunday, June 12, 2005


I think I may have to take a break from my blog. I'm going through a dry spell as far as writing goes. Perhaps I'll simply have to join the ranks of the once-a-week blog update.

I blame playing Star Wars: Galaxies - I think it's draining my creative juices.


Monday, June 06, 2005


Right now I feel as though Father has taken a break from instructing me and is just giving me a big hug and telling me that He loves me. It's wonderful.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Sundry items

I have not had much time online lately; what little time I have had has been spent checking e-mail and puttering around on Star Wars: Galaxies, which my husband recently purchased. It's a good thing that I haven't had much time online, because that game could easily get very absorbing. My favorite thing is the character creation screen - I like being able to play around and create different looks. (I'm a woman, so sue me - we like that kind of thing.)

Speaking of Star Wars, my husband and I saw Episode III last Monday night. I wasn't expecting very much from it, fortunately, or I would have been disappointed. I felt the movie was clumsy, heavy-handed and very cheesy at times. Admittedly, the first three movies were cheesy, but the cast seemed to be having so much fun making the movies that it really drew you in. My favorite moment was when the newly created cyborg Darth Vader finds out that Padme is dead. He rips away from the table he is bound too, staggers to the edge of the platform and yells "Noooooooo!!!" while waving his arms around. It was worthy of a cheesy Frankenstein flick.

I know many men that see these movies don't give two figs about the romantic relationships, but I have to say, it matters to me, and the lack of anything approaching chemistry between Anikan and Padme really detracted from the movie. How in the world am I supposed to believe that Anikan goes to the dark side, murders people that he has lived, worked and studied with for years, even murders little children, for a woman that he appears to treat as little more than a room-mate. They could have been brother and sister for all it mattered. Their relationship was so flat and uninteresting, it's a wonder they ever managed to produce offspring in the first place! Honestly, I think he had a mother complex.

The best thing about the movie was Obi-Wan. Ewan McGregor did a decent job portraying the sadness of someone that must do what is right, even if it means the destruction of someone that he loved as a brother. Ewan McGregor is also cute, even with a beard. Speaking of cute, that little Twi'lek Jedi girl that Bane had raved about really is cute. She deserved more screen-time.

The evening also produced some other non-movie related benefits - I'm pretty sure that was the first real date my husband and I have gone on since our son was born over a year ago. We left him with my in-laws. Fortunately, this time he only cried for half an hour after we left, instead of three hours and forty-five minutes, which happened when we had to leave him there to attend a wedding. I'm hoping to get pregnant again soon, because that way in a couple of years the two would be able to play together. Right now my son is super-clingy and wants me around all the time. Makes it hard to get work done or spend time with my husband.

Alright, I guess that's enough random rambling for now - I hear sounds of my son getting into things he shouldn't be.